Bangkok issues warnings against flying objects during Loy Krathong Festival
11:05 30/06/2022
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and Police on November 11 issued warnings against floating or flying objects during this year’s Loy Krathong festival in an attempt to prevent disruptions in the sky for aircraft.

Krathongs are offered for sale at the Pak Khlong Talad in Bangkok in early November. (Source: Bangkok Post )

Those who violate the ban will be subject to prison time or a fine, or both.

The two agencies said on their websites that the BMA had announced the safety measures for Loy Krathong festival goers, which call for the prohibition of the lighting of firecrackers, flares, sky lanterns and other fireworks unless given permission from a district chief officer. Those who violate the ban will be subject to a maximum of three years in prison and a maximum fine of 60,000 baht, or both..

According to the websites, those who have manufactured, stored and/or sold firecrackers, flares or other fireworks have to obtain official permission from a local registrar and strictly follow the regulations of the Department of Health on the prevention of injury or damage caused by the manufacturing, transporting and selling fireworks.

Besides, the Royal Thai Police are calling on people in provinces not to play with firecrackers, flares, sky lanterns and other fireworks which might disturb or harm people or damage property.

People are also prohibited from discharging firearms without good reason, and from drinking alcohol while driving or riding in automobiles. Those who violate the rules will be subject to imprisonment and a fine./.